A digital journey to our sustainable future

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Inholland University of Applied Sciences International Blockchain Olympiad

Embark on an adventure to our digital future


Unleash Your Potential in the World of Web 3.0 at DigiQuest Amsterdam! Are you curious about the role of technology in our future? Do you want to explore what we want and need from technology? Do buzz words such as AI, Blockchain and Internet of Things intrigue you? And do you want to know more about how they are utilised to impact the world?

400+ Participants 25+ Talks & Workshops 20+ Partners 1 International competition

Inholland invites you to embark on an exciting journey into the world of Web 3.0, where trust, sustainability and social impacts are key. Join us at DigiQuest on 17 November in Amsterdam for an immersive experience that will open your eyes to the possibilities of the future. Held at the the Nemo Science Museum, DigiQuest Amsterdam, promises to be an event full of intrigue, exploration and opportunities to network. This event is open to students from highschools and universities, a like.

Due to the incredible demand for participation at DigiQuest 2023, we unfortunately cannot physically host any more students. However, since we recognize this event's importance, we offer the possibility to register for the online event. You can participate from the comforts of your home, work, or place of study. We hope to see you all online this coming Friday the 17th. Please register here and information and the online link will follow


Feed your innovative curiosity at Nemo!

Step into an electrifying adventure with DigiQuest Amsterdam, where you'll dive into captivating workshops and panels, no prior skills needed – just an insatiable curiosity for cutting-edge technology. Picture ingenious solutions for our planet's challenges, immerse yourself in Web 3.0 tech, from blockchain to AI tools, and embrace the exhilaration of fearlessly exploring limitless possibilities!

The DigiQuest learning experience takes place in the heart of Amsterdam at the NEMO Science Museum. The museum itself is a remarkable building, resembling an urban ship overseeing the docks. What's more, its terraced roof offers a unique experience. It serves as the city's highest 'town square,' standing at an impressive 32 meters above the ground.



How can YOU shape a better future? IBCOL passionately engages students to take on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Choose your goal. Assemble your team. Innovate a solution. Develop an MVP. Present it to the judges. And throughout this transformative journey, immerse yourself in the thrill of connecting with the global community both online and offline. Join hundreds of international students in this dynamic hybrid Olympiad, where fun and impact go hand in hand.

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Unleash your team's creative prowess!

You can sign up now. It is a great test of your skills in communication, cooperation and problem-solving. Select your teams carefully. You will need many different qualities and personalities if you want to change the world. The finalists will present their solutions in Amsterdam on the 17th November, as part of inholland's DigiQuest.

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Solve real-world problems together

You don't have to win the competition to feel like a winner. To participate is to become part of an international network. By getting involved, you're giving your career a head start, not only in the world of Web 3.0 but also in the broader landscape of groundbreaking innovations. Get to know the community that rebuilds the internet. Join them online or in the vibrant city of Amsterdam. Help shape tomorrow's society, today. Register for IBCOL now!



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